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Scandinavian Movement Disorder Society

General description of the course

The course was originally planned to take place during 2020 – 2022, but due to Covid, course 2 – 7 have beed delayed. For more details please see below.

Course no 1 takes place in Stockholm, Sweden, Jan 22nd – 24th 2020

Course no 2 takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, 10th – 12th Nov 2020

Course no 3 takes place in Århus, Denmark, June 1st  – 3rd 2022

Course no 4 takes place at Universitetssjukhus Rikshospitalet in Oslo, Norway, Oct 20th – 21st 2022.

Course no 5 takes place at Sahlgrenska university hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden, Feb 1st – 3rd 2023

Course no 6 takes place in Lund, Sweden, Sep 27th – 29th, 2023

Course no 7 takes place in Helsinki, Finland, April 24th – 25th, 2024

Below you find a comprehensive course description.

Course overview here.