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Scandinavian Movement Disorder Society

Bylaws of Scandmodis

Bylaws of Scandmodis

§ 1. Name of the Society

The name of the society is the Scandinavian Movement Disorder Society. It may also be referred to as ‘ScandMODIS’.

§ 2. Structure

ScandMODIS is a collaboration platform between the Danish Movement Disorder Society (DanMODIS), the Swedish Movement Disorder Society (SWEMODIS), “Interessegruppen för Movement Disorders” (Norway) and the Iceland Society of Neurology.

§ 3 Aim

  • ScandMODIS is a scientific organisation whose aims include, inter alia:
  • to improve research, clinical development and education in movement disorders in Scandinavia, and in particular;
  • to stimulate scientific exchange;
  • to organize Scandinavian movement disorder meetings;
  • to arrange educational activities;
  • to strengthen Scandinavia’s role in international movement disorder activities;
  • to conduct all ScandMODIS activities to high scientific standards.

§ 4. Executive Committee

  • The boards of the participating organizations shall each elect two members to ScandMODIS’ Executive Committee, which shall consist of a total of eight members.
  • Committee members shall be elected on a two-year basis.
  • Each member of the Executive Committee shall be a physician and/or a scientist.
  • The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in person and once by teleconference each year, subject to a decision to this effect by the Chairman.
  • A committee meeting may be requested by a minimum of two committee members. The Chairman shall comply with such a request and organize a committee meeting within three weeks of the request.
  • The Committee may take decisions if at least two thirds of its members are present and all vote unanimously for the decision.
  • Voting in the Committee shall normally be open.
  • In the event of a tied vote at a committee meeting, the Chairman shall have the deciding vote.
  • A decision may be taken without a formal committee meeting if a majority of the committee members agree on the decision.
  • The validity of all Committee decisions shall be conditional on ratification by the boards of the participating organisations.
  • A participating organisation may veto a decision.
  • The Committee may decide on the formation of task groups. The Committee may determine its own working routines and those of task groups. A non-member of the Committee may be asked to join the Committee or a task group.
  • Committee meetings shall be conducted in a Scandinavian language.

§ 5. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary

The Executive Committee shall internally elect a chairman, a vice chairman and a secretary. The Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary shall hold their respective positions for two years following their appointment.

§ 6. Responsibility of the Chairman

The Chairman shall give notice of and chair all meetings of the Executive Committee. The Chairman shall determine the schedules of such meetings together with the Secretary.

§ 7. Responsibility of the Secretary

The Secretary shall send an invitation and programme for the meeting no later than 21 days before a meeting. The Secretary shall also provide a written summary of the content of the meeting and be responsible for correspondence and archives.

§ 8. Signing documents

Documents from the Executive Committee shall be signed by the Chairman and the Secretary.

§ 9. Economy

ScandMODIS does not have an autonomous budget; its activities are financed by the participating societies. Each organization shall finance its own participants in the Executive Committee.

§ 10. Changes to the Constitution

Amendments to the constitution may only be made by the boards of the participating organizations. Such amendments must be approved by all boards.

§ 11. Termination of the Society

The boards of DanMODIS, SWEMODIS, Interessegruppen and Iceland Society of Neurology may agree to terminate ScandMODIS. A decision to terminate the society shall be unanimous