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Scandinavian Movement Disorder Society


17 – 18 april 2020

20th annual


on Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders

“From Diagnosis to Management of Parkinson’s disease”

Scandic Holmenkollen Park, Oslo – Norway



11.30-12.25 Lunch and registration 12.25-12.30 Opening of the meeting

12.30-14.00 PathogenesisWhere does PD start?

* Per Borghammer, Denmark

Neurogenetics of PD: Update and clinical relevance

* Thomas Gasser, Germany

Translational approaches to treatment of Parkinson ́s disease
* Mathias Toft, Norway


14.00-14.30 Motor

Axial disturbances: Camptocormia, Pisa Syndrome, Antecollis, Retrocollis
* Gunther Deuschl, Germany

14.30-15.00 Coffee

15.00-16.00 Non-motor

Comparing and contrasting the motor and non-motor effects of advanced therapies in PD
* Ray Chaudhuri, England

Understanding depression in PD* Murat Emre, Turkey

16.00-17.00 DiagnosticsBiomarker-based early diagnosis of PD

* Miles Trupp, Sweden

Wearables for monitoring PD and its treatments

* Filip Bergqvist, Sweden

17.00-17.15 Coffee

17.15-17.45 Therapy of advanced PDDBS: Latest developments

* Elena Moro, France

17.45-18.45 Best papers
Best 3 experimental papers 2019-20

* Anders Björklund, SwedenBest 3 clinical papers 2019-20

* Andrew Lees, England

18.45-19.15 Pro-Cons Session

Shall we start PD therapy with L-dopa?

* Yes: Espen Dietrichs, Norway
* No: Christian Oehlwein, Germany

20.00 DINNER



08.00-10.00 Therapy of advanced PDPump-based therapies for PD: state of the art

* Tove Henriksen, Denmark
Differential Indication for Advanced therapies

* Werner Poewe, Austria

Cognitive decline in PD: Clinical phenotype, imaging and treatment strategies
* Irene Rektorova, Czech Republic

Placebo effects in PD

* Joaquim Ferreira, Portugal

10.00-10.30 Coffee

10.30-11.00 Future treatment
Trophic factor-based therapy: Where are we standing?* Alan Whone, England

11.00-13.00 Non-PD Movement Disorders
MSA: Clinical manifestations and therapeutic options

* Gregor Wenning, Austria

PSP: Clinical manifestations and therapeutic options

* Gunther Höglinger, GermanyTherapeutic options for Dystonia

* Marie Vidailhet, France

Tics and Tourette: Symptomatology and Clinical Management
* Kirsten Muller-Vahl, Germany

13.00-13.30 Lunch and departure



Jan Aasly, Norway • Anna, Björnsdottír, Iceland • Espen Dietrichs, Norway • Tove Henriksen, Denmark • Erik Hvid-Danielsen, Denmark • Skirmante Mardosiene, Denmark • Mika Martikainen, Finland • Per Odin, Germany • Sven Pålhagen, Sweden • Gudrun Sigurdardóttir, Iceland • Håkan Widner, Sweden • Markus Wiksten, Finland

The official languages of the symposium will be English and Scandinavian